5 things James Bond can teach us about presentations

We love epic movies. So when the new Bond movie came out, we were first in line at the premiere. Don’t worry, we won’t give you any spoilers! But while everyone else was debating which actor makes a better Bond, and which Bond woman was the best looking, we were noticing that James Bond has a lot to teach us about presentations.

Here are five things we can all learn from 007.

1. Look the part

James Bond never goes out looking scruffy. His attire exudes class and elegance in all situations. This works well for a Secret Service agent, but even more so for a presenter. First impressions count, so make sure the next time you’re doing a presentation, you’re dressed to kill.

And as Bond shows us, that doesn’t mean dressing in flashy or loud attire. Instead, go for simple, professional, well-made and clean cut clothes. Of course, you may not have time for as many outfit changes as Bond seems to manage, but you can always look your classiest.


Photo credit: Danjaq, LLC, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

2. Don’t gesture excessively

James Bond is known for his steely gaze and sophisticated aura. He creates this ambience by behaving unexcitable at all times. All his gestures and mannerisms are controlled, never letting anything slip. Contrast his behaviour with that of Austin Powers who is all over the place, all the time. Bond’s cultured behaviour creates confidence in him and his ability to take command of the situation.

When delivering your presentation, limit nervous gestures like drumming your fingers, playing with your hair or jewellery, fidgeting or bouncing on your feet – they all detract from your aura of authority.


Photo credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

3. Stay cool in a crisis

Explosions, car chases, bullets whizzing by his face – none of these faze James Bond. Buildings may fall on him, but he doesn’t waste time panicking – he leaps into action.

You may never experience a car chase in the middle of a presentation, but you have your own demons to contend with – technical issues, difficult questions, niggling self-doubt. Don’t let them get the better of you. Make like 007 and display control at all times. Take command of the situation and do what needs to be done to give your audience the best possible experience


Photo credit: Danjaq, LLC, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

4. Be well equipped at all times

James Bond is never short of impressive gizmos, from decked-out cars to impressive guns to sophisticated watches. Whether he has to nab these from someone else or they are part and parcel of his service to the Queen, he’s always got a trick up his sleeve.

Likewise, the effective presenter is always prepared. From a well-practiced introduction to a stunning slide deck, she has everything she needs to blow minds and capture hearts. This allows her to walk into any presentation situation confident that she can do her duty.


Photo credit: Danjaq, LLC, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

5. Have a team

James Bond isn’t a one man show. He may be the front man, but behind the scenes, he has a smart and supportive team. From master hackers to intelligent assistants, these are the people who keep him alive when he needs help most.

A presenter, too, need never stand alone. Build a support team who can help you reach your peak.  Whether it’s a colleague who gives you constructive feedback, a family member who listens to you practice, or mentors from your Toastmasters club, take advantage of the people around you who can help you develop your capabilities and deliver a knock-out show – 007 style.


Photo credit: Danjaq, LLC, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

Follow these five pointers, and you’ll be more than worthy of a License to Tell (and show)!

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