About Us

We are an agency that specializes in presentation-based communications.

We understand how frustrating and demoralizing it can be to deliver presentations that can positively impact audiences’ and have them not understand or appreciate the value that could be created in their lives. Too often, as presenters we stop caring and start blaming our audiences for being the “wrong audience” and for “not getting it” and we start on a downward spiral of disillusioned disinterest.



At Show & Tell, we want to help you by creating presentations that help connect and engage with audiences. We want audiences’ to appreciate the impact being made to their lives and we want presenters to feel the rush of delivering a successful presentation.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Mission

To create value by bringing clarity and visual magnetism to presentations in order to connect and engage with audiences better.


We practice empathy towards our clients and their audiences by understanding the motives and motivations of their presentation.


We strive to bring clarity and resonance to audiences in every presentation we undertake.


We free our creativity to design slides that help audiences absorb and comprehend the content and make our clients proud of their presentations.

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